About Airspace Integration Congress

About Airspace Integration Congress

Through programming and exhibits, Airspace Integration (AI) Congress & Live Demonstration will highlight:

Advanced Air Mobility/UAS/Drones – AAM/ UAS/drones continue to expand in the Airspace at a dramatic pace. Successfully managing their integration into the airspace is critical for the safety and continued growth of this new industry sector. Airspace Integration Congress will feature AAM and UAS industry exhibitors, and 2.5 days of programming addressing integration issues in its own dedicated theater.

Airspace Integration Congress is also, co-locating with Expodrónica, Spain’s premier drone/AAM event, for the third year in a row. Expodrónica will be a prominent participant in this sector’s programming at IFEMA. On September 27th and 28th, Airspace Integration will move to Cuatro Vientos Airport, the venue for Expodrónica’s Air Show, for the unique opportunity to view drone and AAM demonstrations in tandem with active flight operations at the airport. On-site programming and displays at the airport will focus on UAM/UAS/Drones and the demonstrations. All Airspace Integration registrants are invited to participate at no cost.

Civil-Military Cooperation – ATCA is working directly with the European Defense Agency and NATO’s Armament and Aerospace Capability Directorate on a series of sessions addressing current issues. The war in Ukraine has highlighted challenges and issues facing the European airspace and our focus on how civilians and military can better integrate to improve outcomes and safety, are of vital importance and will be discussed at Airspace Integration Congress.

Commercial Space – The race for the first satellite to successfully launch from Western Europe by a commercial organization is on for 2023 with multiple contenders vying for the title. Additionally, Europe is seeing a surge in new spaceports setting the stage for dramatic expansion launch activities in Europe. Hear from industry leaders on what the future holds and efforts to manage commercial space’s integration into Europe’s airspace. AI attendees will be able to learn more in our theater dedicated to commercial space integration.

Air Traffic Management – The foundation of our current airspace management system. Hear from regulators and industry on the challenges faced by this traditional sector and issues being addressed to advance Airspace Integration, and from Exhibitors on the tools, products, and services available supporting integration efforts.