Program overview

Airspace Integration Congress events will take place at IFEMA Feria de Madrid and then transition to Cuatro Vientos Airport.

Monday, 25 September – Exhibit Hall and Programming taking place at IFEMA
Tuesday, 26 September – Exhibit Hall and Programming taking place at IFEMA
Wednesday, 27 September – Morning activities will take place at IFEMA, afternoon activities will take place at Cuatro Vientos Airport
Thursday, 28 September – Live demonstrations and programming will take place at Cuatro Vientos Airport

Program Skeleton: coming soon.


ATM Topics:

  • Evolving ATM systems & procedures to ensure safe management of a busy integrated airspace.
  • Developing ATM Automation. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Integration of new entrants in the European ATM network.
  • Implementation of an integrated airspacewithin ICAO member states.
  • Is traffic management in an integrated airspace conceivable without human intervention? Foreseeing the future.
  • Ensuring spectrum capability for the future.
  • Required physical and cloud infrastructure improvements for an integrated airspace management.


Integration Topics:

  • Sovereignty and responsibility for traffic management in an integrated airspace. The blurred boundaries.
  • Cybersecurity in an integrated airspace. How civil-military cooperation counters the shadow threat.
  • Is decentralized / distributed traffic management possible in an integrated airspace? The challenge of maximizing the flexible use of airspace.
  • Impact of current and future information and communication technologies (ICT) on civil-military cooperation. New trends and opportunities.
  • Civil-military cooperation for traffic management in pre-crisis and crisis time.
  • From data sharing to decision making: how civil-military cooperation manages the peacetime air threat in congested airspace while minimizing the social impact.
  • The rules governing civil-military cooperation on the common playing field called Space.
  • International civil-military cooperation to ensure free access to space and protect space capabilities.


STM Topics:

  • Space Operations and Traffic Management (STM) integration with conventional airspace management. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Space Situational/Domain Awareness (SSA/SDA) contribution to a safe airspace management. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Space Surveillance & Tracking (SST) contribution to SSA & STM. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Launch, range and re-entry operations from the STM perspective. International coordination needs. Challenges and opportunities.
  • High Altitude Operations (HAO) and its integration with conventional airspace.
  • New actors, new space threats. Regulation and attribution on space.
  • Risk posed to aviation by uncontrolled space object re-entries.
  • Space Threats & Operational Risk Management. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Space debris management. Challenges and opportunities.
  • Emerging satellites technologies (I) (spare). New applications for traffic management.
  • Emerging satellites technologies (II). Small satellites.
  • Emerging satellites technologies (III). Applications for UAS navigation & positioning.
  • AI applications for space activities & STM. Opportunities