Education Theatres

Education Theatres

Integration Theatre

Integration is the lynchpin for future global airspace operations including commercial space launches, eVTOL, drones, and traditional aviation. Our Integration Theatre will host a minimum of 1 hour of curated programming each day. The remaining time will be divided into 20-minute sessions for the industry to reserve and highlight how they support advancing global airspace integration.


Expodronica AAM / UAS Theatre

Advanced air mobility and uncrewed aircraft systems are an increasingly important factors in the complexion of the global airspace model. The Expodronica AAM/UAS Theatre will host 12 hours of curated content over the 2.5 days of AI. The remaining time will be 20-minute sessions for industry reserve and present on evolving AAM/UAS landscape.


Spotlight Stage

Our Spotlight Stage is dedicated to support the open dialog of all voices and highlight those technologies, programs, and ideas that will propel the aviation industry forward. This theatre is dedicated to 20-minute proprietary presentations with priority reservations given to AI Exhibitors and Sponsors.


Space Theatre

In the last decades, outer space has been exponentially increasing its relevance for the day to day life on Earth and its potential for commercial purposes. Ensuring its free and safe use, and its effective integration with the lower conventional airspace, is vital for future global airspace operations. The Space Theatre will host minimum 1 hour of curated programming each day while the remining time will will be divided into 20-minute sessions to give voice to commercial, defence and governmental initiatives, promoting projects and technologies, including Space Traffic Management, that are pushing the boundaries of traditional air operations.